Session Questions for Gabby!

I love to ask my senior clients a set of questions for their individual blog posts. I let them pick which questions and how many they want to respond to. Gabby was kind enough to answer several questions for this blog post. For Gabby's photo session, we started at Quarry Hill, then headed to Downtown Rochester, for some photos at the Chateau theater, finally finishing up in a beautiful meadow as the sun went down. We had a terrific time!


I am Gabby Henderson, I am graduating from Mayo high school and going to be continuing my education at College of Saint Benedict’s for nursing.

If you knew someone was nervous about getting senior photos made, what advice would you give them?

My biggest piece of advice is to have fun. There is truly a difference in posed photos compared to when you let loose and have fun with Kathleen and her prompts. Just relax and keep smiling:)

What made you choose Kathleen Murphy Photography?

I chose Kathleen because my brother (Cooper's Photos) had his photos (More of Cooper's Photos) done with her and my family and I loved how his turned out. She is nothing but kind and comforting. Also, she has a very creative eye, creating very unique pictures you truly can’t get anywhere else. She knows exactly how to encapsulate who you are in the photos, and makes you SHINE. I recommend her to any and every upcoming senior.

What were your favorite Images?

My favorite photos came from my sunset photos. I brought flowers as a prop and absolutely loved the colors and life it brought.

Did this photo shoot effectively capture who you are at this important moment in your life?

Kathleen definitely captured exactly what I wanted. She creates such a fun environment for you and instantly makes you comfortable being in front of the camera.


What is one fashion tip that is easy to implement?

Honestly, my biggest piece of fashion advice is having at least one staple pair of jeans that you absolutely love. Jeans are so easy to pair with any sweaters or tops.

What advice would you give to upcoming high school seniors when it comes to their session?

I brought one of my best friends along with for the shoot. I would definitely recommend if you have someone close to you. She was so helpful and knows what I typically like in photos, and was super fun to get to take a few pictures together.

Gabby and Sasha

“Kathleen knows exactly how to encapsulate who you are in the photos, and makes you SHINE. I recommend her to any and every upcoming senior.”