Megan's Senior Session - Ice Rink & Downtown

About Megan...

Megan is a senior from Mayo High School. After she graduates high school, she plans to go to nursing school to get her BSN. After that she would like to eventually get her doctorate in nursing and get a job as a nurse practitioner. Because there are so many excellent nursing programs out there, she is still deciding on which University to attend.

At the Ice Rink...

Megan has been ice skating for ten years and about five of those have been competing in free skate and ice dance events. She has such grace on the ice that I wondered if she took ballet as well. She takes some ballet off ice but nothing as she says, "super hard" "Mainly just to build strength, work on my tempo and posture"

Figure Skating, ice skating, Senior photos, lunge, black and white
Blanket, ice rink, Rochester, MN, Ice Skating

Megan was so cold that in between takes, she wrapped herself in a warm fuzzy blanket. When it was time to hit the ice for the camera, she would throw off the blanket with a smile. A true pro!

Q&A With Megan...

If you knew someone was nervous about their senior photos, what advice would you give them?

There’s no reason to be nervous! Just be yourself and don’t worry about the rest. Kathleen will work her magic.

What was your favorite part of the photo-shoot?

My favorite part of the photo shoot was probably how Kathleen made me feel so comfortable and less awkward than I normally am.

Ice skating, figure skating, senior pictures

What were you favorite images from the session and why?

My favorite images from the shoot are the one of me holding my skates by the laces and I’m glancing back or the one where I’m holding on to the railing, laughing and falling back. They both show my confidence and grace.

senior girl in white top with torn blue jeans atop parking garage
Senior session with a girl in white top and torn blue jeans atop a parking garage, urban setting
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Megan was so gracious to indulge me for this image. I had an idea of what I wanted, but it took a bit of time to get the lighting and pose "just so". In the meantime, the ice wasn't getting any warmer! I think it took the rest of the day for her to have a warm pair of arms!


Reflections, portrait, Civic Center window, Rochester, MN, Senior Photos

As a photographer, I love using reflections to show a different side of my subject. Often times the expression is more candid than a straight on portrait. In this image Megan was looking off into the distance towards her right. Instead of taking her picture, I took a picture of her reflection. I love how it turned out!

Senior Photos, Rochester, MN Civic Center, Pink Shoes

These shoes! I "heart" them so much!!!

Urban Portrait, Senior Photos, Kathleen Murphy Photos

I love the blue skies and puffy white clouds! Her outfit coordinates so well. And that expression... Just gorgeous!

Skyscraper, Urban Portrait, senior photos, Rochester, MN, Kathleen Murphy Photos.

Such a relaxed pose. The sun was still high in the sky and we used it to our advantage!