Headshots and Portraits

Actors, models, business executives...Everyone needs a headshot. You need an image that shows your confidence, your approach-ability, your personality. Headshots give a personal touch to your business and make your website look more professional.

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Why Do You Need a Headshot?

Are you in search of a new job? Applying for an internship? Are you the owner of your own business?  Do you connect with future clients on social media, or are you an aspiring actor or model? Then you need a headshot! Having a current professional headshot shows you are serious about your career and care about the details. And what better way to represent yourself or your business than by showing you pay attention to details?


The photographer that you collaborate with should be able to put you at ease right away; make you forget that the camera is even there. I love to capture genuine expressions that exude confidence, trust and approachability. I strive to make every client feel comfortable and and integral part of the collaboration.


The Image Says It All...

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