Senior Session Q&A

Cooper Henderson, Mayo High School senior, plans to attend Mankato State University and study Aviation. His senior session began at the Rochester Civic Center where he was decked out in a suit and tie with Ray Bans; it concluded with him in his lacrosse gear across from the Tap House on historic 3rd. It was seriously a fun session. His Mom, Erin was my stylist, and dad, Brandon was a huge help as my lighting assistant. Cooper's sister, Gabby was our encourager and posed for a few shots in between her brother's clothing changes. Cooper was kind enough to answer a few questions about his session in Rochester. I am excited to let you know that we scheduled two sessions so that he could highlight his love of aviation. I will be sharing this "Stylized Photo Session" at the Dodge Center Airport in next week's blog. Until then, enjoy his comments below and some favorite images from this downtown session!

Did this photo shoot effectively capture who you as a senior?

Yes. I liked the way I was seen laughing while taking my photos. I love to laugh so that's one of my favorite parts.

Senior photo guy Suit and tie, Ray Bans

What advice do you have for Seniors when it comes to senior photos?

Get good rest!

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?

In my suit by the Civic Center building.

What surprised you about the experience?

I actually enjoyed taking photos for once.

If you knew someone was nervous about their senior photos, what advice would you give them?

In between pictures, think about something funny and just laugh.

Senior Guy, Senior Portrait, Rochester, MN
Senior Guy, Senior Portrait, Rochester, MN- Downtown, Rayban sunglasses
Senior Guy, Senior Portrait, Rochester, MN

Do you think this photo shoot captured well your dreams for the future? Explain...

Yes. Doing the Airplane shoot was awesome and was perfect for my career. (Cooper's airplane photo session will be in next week's blog! Be sure to look for it!)

When you dress up to go out, what are your "go to" fashion pieces in your closet?

Shorts, pants, t-shirt or sweatshirt.

What do you love best about your location (s)?

The backgrounds. The Civic Center building was really cool to shoot around.

Is there anything you would do differently for senior photos if you had the chance?

I thought what I did was perfect.

What were you favorite images from the session?

The photo of me taking off my jacket in front of the civic center and the lacrosse image with the shadow of the netting across my face.

Rayban sunglasses, Senior Guy, Rochester, MN  Civic Center
lacrosse photo, black and white, senior photo