When is the best time to schedule Senior portraits?

Your senior year will be incredibly busy, so it is best to schedule your senior photos for the summer before your senior year begins. It might seem too early, but it really isn’t. If you think about it, your senior year will incredibly busy. In addition to regular classwork, there will be college visits, filling out applications for college scholarships, attending football games, marching band, fall athletics, studying for tests, and homework. This will leave very little time for scheduling senior photos and you want to be sure you get your photos done before the yearbook deadlines.

When are yearbook images due?

In Rochester and most of the surrounding areas, yearbook images are usually due by the first or second week of December. Be sure to double check with your school for the correct due date.

Advantages of Scheduling Early:

Weather, injury, and family emergencies are all examples of very real life reasons to reschedule. Additionally, the year 2020 brought us a precarious situation of a global pandemic. Schools and businesses closed as a result. None of us predicted such an extreme circumstance, but it happened. So be sure to schedule early, which will allow you flexibility should an extreme circumstance present itself.

What season is the best for pictures?

Luckily, in Minnesota, most any summer month is perfect for taking photos! The weather is gorgeous; the flowers are blooming, and the temperatures are pretty moderate. The added bonus is that students aren’t in school; so scheduling photos is a lot easier to do. There simply aren’t limitations that the athletics and academics of the school year often impose on the senior's availability. But in the end it is really up to you. If you want winter pictures, then you need to take your pictures in February or March of your JUNIOR year to guarantee snow in Minnesota. If you want fall leaves, keep in mind that it is very difficult to predict the actual window for fall foliage from year to year. Additionally, you will need book your fall session as early as June or July to secure a spot. Many photographers find is their busiest time and there are very few slots open. Now that you know your options for scheduling, it's time for you to start looking for a photographer that is a good match for you! Be sure and check out my blog: How to find a High School Senior Photographer.