Four tips to help you book the best time!

When Should I book by Senior Session?

The best answer is book early! I photograph a limited number of seniors each year and only take a handful of sessions each month, so it is best to book with me as soon as my calendar opens! That doesn't mean you need to have your session early, it just means that you get to select your favorite season before it gets completely booked. Once you book your appointment and pay the session fee, that holds the spot for you!

Senior girl posing with limestone wall behind her
Senior boy posing in downtown with cityscape and fall leaves in background.

What are Some Important Considerations to Consider When Booking?

Depending on the time of year, you may have a lot going on. For example, over the summer you may have more time with just a family vacation or a summer job to schedule around. But during the school year, you will likely have a lot more going on with after school clubs, athletics, a part-time job, homework and chores. Simply because these times seem to be less busy, my personal recommendation is to choose Spring or Summer, but you are the only one who can gauge the best time for you, so take a look at your schedule for Spring, Summer, and Fall and choose the best time for you!

senior student girl sitting on a park bench posing for senior portraits

Consider School Deadlines:

In some states, photographers are hired to photograph the rising graduating class from September through April of Senior year. But here in Minnesota, our weather dictates that Senior Photos begin in the June before the rising senior starts school in the fall, and they usually conclude in late October (the first semester of senior year). Yearbook photos are due in most Minnesota schools by December 1st and graduation occurs six months later in June, so you will want to book your senior portrait early to stay on schedule!

High school senior girl posing at night with lights twinkling in the backgroundd

Get on the Calendar

The calendar opens up for rising Seniors in March, so start looking at your schedule and get ready to book!

Photo of a June calendar.

Get on my waiting list...

If you are a rising senior, who is interested in getting on my waiting list to be notified when the calendar opens, drop your name and email in the contact form. Be sure to write in the message section, your graduation year, that you want to be notified when my calendar opens and tell me a little bit about yourself. What school you attend, your interests and hobbies, etc...

About the photographer, Kathleen

Kathleen Murphy is a senior portrait photographer based Rochester Minnesota. Kathleen loves to work closely with each senior client to make sure that their personality is authentically captured in each image. She is dedicated to making sure that every senior session is a remarkable experience that seniors will remember treasure as an important part of their senior year. Kathleen strives to ensure that your images are unique and represent YOU!