A Blast from the Past

When I was in high school, we got 20 minutes with a "school approved" photographer. There was no consultation. We were directed to chose one outfit of our own for our first image and for our second image we wore a lace drape (provided by the studio), over our shoulders. Though the portrait was formally posed and beautifully lit. I can't help but think that my classmates and I would have jumped at the opportunity to have a senior session like grads do today! Seniors today are so lucky to have all kinds of choices!

Of course, seniors today can still opt for a formal photo, but they can also opt for an editorial style fashion magazine concept session. Seniors can also choose to photograph themselves doing what they love. (aviation, music, gaming, track and field, painting, reading, scouting etc...). They can venture out to multiple locations or stay in the studio. So many choices!

With that many choices it is important for you to meet with your photographer for a consultation, so that your senior session is well planned and reflects accurately what you want and who you are at this time in your life.

After all this is a big deal being a senior and probably the last formal photos you will have taken for a while!

Careful planning alongside your professional photographer results in pictures that you and your family will treasure for years to come!

High School Portrait of Kathleen Murphy by McDade Studios-Always credit the photographer!

Careful Planning is Key

Pictures below are of a few past seniors who carefully planned with us to achieve exactly what they were looking for. Whether it be the location, the props, the outfits, or the special effects of gels and smoke, (bottom left), these seniors had a clear vision of what they wanted. Some were not sure what the end result would look like but they knew the "vibe" they were going for and we worked together to achieve it. In the end, they were very happy with the results because the images illustrated a hobby, a favorite collection, a dream, a talent, a passion, and for some, their plans for the future.

Do you have a unique vision for your senior photos?

Or maybe you don't have a plan at all? No worries, because I have loads of experience and can help! Let's connect for a complimentary consultation to determine together what your images should say about you at this incredibly important time in your life. A consultation will also ensure that we are a good fit for each other. You will want to make sure I am THE photographer for you! (See this post for what to look for in a photographer). And by including a parent or guardian in the process, they will be able to go over all the details with me about how the senior portrait process works and they will understand more completely what you are wanting in your senior portraits.

About the photographer, Kathleen

Kathleen Murphy is a senior portrait photographer based Rochester Minnesota. Kathleen loves to work closely with each senior client to make sure that their personality is authentically captured in each image. She is dedicated to making sure that every senior session is a remarkable experience that seniors will remember and treasure as an important part of their senior year. Kathleen strives to ensure that your images are unique and represent YOU!