Meet Hanna...

I first met Hanna when I was taking head-shots for Immersion Youth Repertory's production of Les Misérables. Hanna was cast as Monsieur Thénardier, one of the antagonists who is quite the villain, but in a very humorous way. To capture each actor's head-shot, I had to be quick, as they were involved in a very intensive rehearsal. This is the shot I captured of Hanna that day. When I saw it, I knew she would be perfect for a shoot I had been planning. I had been wanting to do a very natural clean beauty image along with something fresh and on trend. We agreed on a date of August 17th with the hair and makeup artist and I in the meantime, I found a great summer romper on Lulu' Unfortunately, on the day of the shoot, Hanna was was sick. :^( so we rescheduled. Fast forward to three months later; there is snow on the ground! Hanna and I met up on November 30th at Lasata Salon and Day Spa where she had her hair (Jodi Lynn Passow) and makeup (Elena O'Bryne) professionally done.

Hanna's Headshot for the cast board which was on display at the Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota for the musical, Les Misérables.

Q & A with Hanna...

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve just started doing online school so I can do more theatre, which I’ve done since I was 9, and work at my own pace academically, I’m really inspired by musical theatre and I’m an honors student.

Name three things that make you truly happy:

My best friends, my dog Bella, and my family

What is your favorite song or genre of music?

My favorite song is Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

What would your dream job be?

To work with special needs kids

Hair and Makeup

Take a look at the process in the six block photo layout below. We wanted a clean fresh image. Natural makeup paired with some modern curls. I can't stress enough how important my makeup artist and hairstylist team are to me! They do a phenomenal job!

Studio Session: Let's Start With the Last Image...

We arrived at my studio after a quick lunch. We took pictures in the white romper first but I want to start with the image below for the blog.

This was the last studio shot we took at 4:28 p.m. before heading outside in the snow for a third look. I love how fresh and bright this image is. Just look at Hanna's confidence! No doubt it is that kind of confidence that has helped her to land many coveted drama roles! The professionally styled hair and makeup really enhances her natural beauty and lends itself well to the success of the image.

More Q & A with Hanna...

What was your favorite part of the modeling session?

Working with Kathleen. She’s a joy to be around and made the session really fun and enjoyable, and made sure to coach me so I never felt lost.

What was most interesting or unexpected/surprising thing about being a part of the modeling session?

I thought I would feel awkward, because I’ve never liked getting my picture taken, but I actually really enjoyed it!

What were some of your favorite images? Tell us why?

My favorite image is one of the pictures in the white romper on the pink background. I look so happy and confident.

If you could completely style your hair, makeup and wardrobe, what style would you choose? Describe your ideal session:

I’m really inspired by 90’s sort of hippieish fashion. so super curly hair, and loose, lightweight clothing.

What celebrity do people tell you that you look most like?

Reese Witherspoon and Dove Cameron

Let it Snow!

We had some dicey weather coming that afternoon and Hanna needed to get home before driving became too difficult. Before she headed home, we went outside the studio for a quick 20 minutes in a new outfit. Thanks so much to my neighbor, Ethan Murphy for assisting with the beauty dish! What are your favorite images from this session? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a message or give me a follow on my Instagram account.