Mayo High School

A note from the photographer....

Uma is a senior at Mayo High School who's friends describe as calm, helpful, creative, patient and hardworking. I have to say that I would 100% agree. We had such a great time at her session. Uma was so calm and easygoing, that if she was nervous at all, I could not tell! At school, Uma is involved in Science Olympiad, Math League, Rochester Community Initiative (social justice), Art club and was previously involved in swimming. Uma stays busy but has time to hang out with friends, read, and paint. I got to see some of her paintings at our session and learn about her favorite books to read. On the day of our session it was a tad bit windy but we made it work! It was so worth it, in the end because we got an absolutely stunning sunset which made the perfect backdrop to Uma's gorgeous purple dress. Scroll down and take a peek! We started our session at the Plummer House where Uma shared her love of reading and painting in a few images, headed downtown for a few shots by the Plummer building, and then ended in a location I call "The Meadow". It is stunning for late summer and fall sunsets. I asked a few questions after Uma's session to see what images were her favorites and perhaps see if she might be able to give advice to incoming seniors about what getting senior photos is all about.

If you knew someone was nervous about their senior photos, what advice would you give them?

Bring clothes and props that you're comfortable in. You don't have to dress up as someone you aren't. Ms. Murphy is very understanding that people get nervous, so she tries to get to know you to figure out what photos would make you most comfortable.

What was your favorite part of the photo-shoot?

I liked that it was spontaneous and Ms. Murphy chose new locations based on how the lighting and mood was at the time. She was very responsive to how I felt, so if I seemed to be ready to move on to another location, she accommodated quickly

What surprised you about the experience?

Ms. Murphy made it a really engaging session by continuing to talk to me throughout. We had a nice conversation and it was more interesting than standing in silence the entire time.

What were your favorite images from the session and why?

I liked 0273 (below, left) because the blue background lighting was a nice contrast to my clothes. I also liked 0381 (below right) because she captured a genuine smile.

Side note from the photographer, Uma's favorite color combos are blue orange, and purple. I love that we caught them all in her session!

So much fun!

The best part of my job as a photographer, is that allows me to meet so many interesting and kind people and Uma was no exception! It was an absolute joy getting to collaborate with Uma. What a kind and smart young woman she is!