A Bit About Charlie...

Charlie is a senior at Century High School in Rochester, Minnesota. He plans to obtain a bachelor's degree in audio engineering and music production. Charlie hopes to work in recording studios, run live sound situations, and perform.

Guitar, barn, birkenstocks

Charlie talking about his favorite location: "We got so many great shots [by the barn} every thing clicked and it felt effortless in doing so."

Charlie on Guitar...

I loved this session with Charlie. Seriously, it was the best. Live music while taking pictures? Yes, please! I LOVE what I do!

We took Charlie's pictures in Lanesboro, Minnesota which was a significant place for Charlie and his dad, Tom. The scenery was a beautiful with amazing vistas at every turn.


Charlie plays Violin

Seriously, what musical instrument has Charlie not mastered?! Not only is Charlie senior drum major at Century High School, but he also plays with K-Jazz (a jazz combo from his high school. They will be playing at the Rochester City Jazz Fest November 1-10th. You can also catch Charlie playing at Taco Jed's on November 2nd.


Q & A with Charlie...

If you knew someone was nervous about their senior photos, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them that everything will be okay if Kathleen is running the shoot. She did such a great job for me of helping me pick outfits, poses, locations, and everything else!

What surprised you about the experience?

My biggest surprise was how relaxed it was. I thought it would feel rushed and crammed but it was totally stress-free and relaxed.

What are your "go to" fashion pieces?

Definitely jeans (black, grey, or blue) and a button down, patterned, long sleeve shirt.

Senior Photo, Patterned Shirt, Kathleen Murphy Photography

What is your favorite image from the shoot?

My favorite image is the one we got of me in the left side of the frame, holding my guitar, leaning up against the barn. Everything about it was perfect!

Lanesboro, guitar, barn, birkenstocks

Charlie's Favorite Image

Favorite Location/Images and Why?

The ones in front of the red barn. Everything about that spot was perfect; the background, the lighting, etc. I also was wearing my favorite outfit that I brought that day which added to those shots.

What did you love best about Lanesboro?

I loved how many great spots there were. It was never a matter of searching for good spots, it was deciding which good spots to use!

Ivy wall, old bench, guitar, brick wall, jeans, patterned shirt
River, vista, portrait
Guitar, old red barn
Guitar, Old Red Barn