Gabi's Senior Photo-session:

Gabrielle Le-Rademacher is a senior at Mayo High School who loves hiking and Lacrosse. I had the honor of photographing Gabi in downtown Rochester and at Silver Lake. Gabi plans to go to college after she graduates. She has yet to decide her major but hopes to work in the STEM field. When I photograph my clients, I always strive to capture their authentic self. During the planning stages of her session, I asked her what she wanted her pictures to say about her. She told me she wanted them to show how playful she could be. She also told me that her friends and family describe her as outgoing, funny mature and intelligent. I hope when you see the images in the blog you will see all those attributes come shining through!

Gabi was kind enough to answer some questions about her senior photo-shoot experience. I hope you enjoy reading her responses and seeing her favorite images along with my picks!

When you dress up to go out, what are your "go to" fashion pieces in your closet?

I have a very simple sense of style, but nothing beats a good pair of jeans matched with the right shoes. In the winter, I love wearing my black booties or my little green rainboots.

What was your favorite part of the photo-shoot?

My favorite part of the photo-shoot was posing in my Ao Dai near the Civic Center. My ethnicity is important to me, and I’m so happy I get to catalogue and honor that little piece of myself. How the Ao Dai contrasted with the glass and the iron wall made for some beautiful shots.

Kathleen's Picks

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What surprised you about the experience?

What surprised me about the experience is how easy it was to relax and how every single photo turned out great. That doesn’t mean I expected the results to be bad! I just expected a lot more awkward photos, but Kathleen worked her magic and I have soo many great photos. It was so hard to choose my favorites. In addition, I expected to feel a little awkward but Kathleen did a great job putting me at ease and it shows in the photos.

What do you love best about your location (s)?

Historic 3rd Street (I think it was 3rd Street??) is such a classic spot for senior photos and always looks great. I loved going to the top of the parking garage bc it offered a great perspective with the Plummer Building behind it. The Civic Center has lots of different textures and backgrounds to offer, and made for some great photos.

What advice do you have for upcoming seniors regarding their senior photo-session?

To relax and have fun! How you feel during your shoot shows in the photos. Know what angles look best and smile naturally! Everything will turn out well.

If you knew someone was nervous about their senior photos, what advice would you give them?

Just take a deep breath and roll with it! If you can, bring someone who makes you comfortable and makes you laugh. Everyone is there for you, so trust the process and have fun.

Anything else that you want to share in the blog that I didn't ask?

Kathleen’s the best! For those of you who are looking into using her services, do it! You will not regret it.

Gabi's favorite images:

What were you favorite images from the session and why?

3518: This is one of my favorite images because Kathleen caught me in motion with a genuine smile. It just makes me happy. 3629: I absolutely love this outfit, and I love the contrast it has with the Plummer building in the back. 3771: I love the movement of the Ao Dai in this photo and the look of the glass in the back from the Civic Center.




Gabi's Absolute Favorite:

What is your absolute favorite image from the shoot?

This photo is my personal favorite and a family favorite as well. The lighting looks so beautiful.