Black and white image of a woman in a scarf
Image of a young girl with long dark hair posing for a portrait

Hair by Jodi Lynn of Lasata Salon and Makeup by Elena

This is why you should print your images...

There is no greater feeling than holding a printed image of a loved one from days gone by and realizing that your child bears a remarkable resemblance to them. The absolute joy of holding the two prints side by side while studying the differences and similarities is indescribable; the tactile sensation you get when touching the two photographs and then holding them to your heart is something you just can't experience with a digital image. The tangible print yields a more interactive experience than a digital file. Transcending generations as you touch a print that was once held in the hands of your grandmother or great grandmother is a feeling like no other. That is the power of the printed image. This photo session did not set out to be transcendent, yet it was. Lucy had spent an exceptionally long day on location and took a break to rest. I saw her relax on a nearby picnic table as I was photographing her sister. I noticed she had let her guard down and become more of her natural self and quickly pointed the lens toward her and captured this. As it happened, her mom told me in an email, “The last ones you captured of her on the bench are some of my favorites. I so clearly see my grandma in her face. It moves me to tears." Her mother graciously agreed to send me the image and share it with you. I think you will agree that she bears a striking resemblance her beloved great-grandmother. Print your photos. You will be so grateful for the opportunity to hold them in your hands next to photos from your family ancestors. They have the power to transcend time and remind us of how our families shape us into who we are today.