Interview with Anli Winters, Century High School-Class of 2021

What are your future plans once you graduate?

I am going to pursue professional theater (hopefully) at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Did this photoshoot effectively capture who you are now?

Yes, it captures really nice candid moments of mine in my absolute favorite outfits and killer locations.

What was your favorite part of the photoshoot?

My favorite part was taking pictures at the yellow house.

When you dress up to go out, what are your "go to" fashion pieces in your closet?

My favorite piece is my black turtleneck, I love how easy it is to layer under other items of clothing.

What is your absolute favorite image from the shoot?

My favorite picture of the session is this one below! I absolutely love the dreamy background and of course, my favorite overalls!

Do you think this photoshoot captured well your dreams for the future? Explain...

Yes! My pictures in the theater are absolutely gorgeous and I know I will look back on them throughout my career as I grow.

What advice do you have for upcoming seniors regarding their senior photosession?

Go into it with a great attitude and with the willingness to play and have lots of fun!

If you knew someone was nervous about their senior photos, what advice would you give them?

It is super chill! It is just like having an instagram photoshoot with a good friend! :)