3 Locations + Kelly =Amazing Photographs!

Kelly's "go to" fashion pieces are her leather jacket and her multiple pairs of shoes. (Check out her awesome checkered Van's and her leather jacket). She recommends high school seniors wear what they love, because it shows one's personality and it personally helped put her at ease for her own session. When I asked Kelly what she wanted her images to be like, she told me she wanted them to stand out and not be traditional. When I asked Kelly what surprised her the most about her session, she said it was how some of the spontaneous and unplanned pictures ended up being some of her favorites. We shot her session in three different locations: The Plummer House, John Marshall, and Downtown. Of all the locations and images, her favorite location (downtown) yielded her favorite image: the black & white leather jacket image taken on historic third street. (Bottom, right) When asked why downtown was her favorite location Kelly said that it was most like her own style with all of the brick, geometric shapes, eccentric colors, and lights. She loved downtown and spending time walking to different locations, randomly stopping for an unplanned picture or two. So, if you want your senior session to be AMAZING, do what Kelly did: Dress in some fabulous clothes, do your makeup as well as any pro makeup artist, bring your aviator sunglasses, and wear your checkered Vans. Then have your boyfriend bring a pizza for snacking in between takes! Kelly who is an extremely talented rising high school senior, defined the epitome of cool in these images. This year she was named her school's drumline captain. Though her dream job would be to be a famous food critic, after graduation Kelly plans to get a four year degree in finance.