Tips from Immersion Youth Repertory Theater's Executive Director, Misha Johnson

Audition Tip #1

Audition tip #1: Read the script! If your auditioning for a specific play make sure you know: the WHO, the WHAT, the WHERE, the WHEN, and the WHY of the Play. Also understand what character you might be eligible to read for, what their story is, who they interact with, why they interact with the other characters and what their goals are. Be prepared to give your opinion of how you think the character should be portrayed and why! Directors are thrilled to see that you are prepared!

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Audition Tip # 2

Have good manners. Getting the role takes talent for certain, but director's want to find talent that is professional, polite, generous and kind-someone who will work well with others. A cast should work together well and be supportive to put on the best performances.

Audition Tip # 3 Bring a Recent Professional Headshot

Make sure your headshot looks like you! You want to make sure you show up to the audition looking like your headshot. So make sure that you wear to your headshot session (including your clothing, hair and makeup)what you would normally wear to an audition. Show your personality. Directors are looking for that spark in your eyes more than they are looking for glamour. Show personality and make a connection.

Taking Cinematic headshots downtown Rochester, Minnesota

Behind the scenes downtown Rochester -Taking a Headshot, Cinematic Style...

Audition Tip #4

Be Yourself! Directors don't just want to know if you have talent on stage/on camera, they want to see your own personality shine when you communicate off the script.

Audition Tip # 5

Know that putting together a cast is has many parts, much like a puzzle. If you don't get the part you are hoping for it is nothing personal, the director just has a bigger view of the whole show than you may have; he/she can see best where your talents will add the most to the show or where you have the most opportunity to grow. Remember, every character is critical. No matter how big or small the role, your part is important!