Pricing & Collections


3.5-hours: At studio & on location
Session Retainer Fee: $350.00
5-7 outfit changes
Minimum Order Requirement: $1450.00



3-hours: Downtown Location
Session Retainer Fee: $300.00
3-5 outfit changes
Minimum Order Requirement: $950.00



90 minutes: One location
2 outfits
Session Retainer Fee: $225.00
Minimum Order Requirement: $450.00


What to expect financially...

Session Retainer Fees and Minimum Order Requirements Explained:

Knowing how much is financially expected upfront helps eliminate any confusion or financial surprises after the session.. Because I value my senior clients and pride myself on delivering a quality experience through individualized care and attention, I book a limited number of senior sessions each year. And, because of my time commitment to each client, there is a minimum investment with each senior session. There are three sessions, so you can choose the best session for you. The minimum order required is not a specific portrait collection but instead, a minimum order required based on the investment of time placed in your senior session.


The session retainer fee is non-refundable and is due at the time of booking. The session retainer fee holds the spot for your session date and time.  Except for the single retouched yearbook digital image, the session fee does not include any prints, products, or digital files.

Your minimum order requirement is due at two weeks prior to your session and will function as a credit you that you can apply towards your order. If your minimum order is not paid before the session, you will forfeit your session date and the fee.