High School Seniors- Collection Investment

The Editorial

Up to 3 hours
2-3 locations
Digital Gallery
Yearbook Image retouched and sized for yearbook
Two additional retouched images
Access to Professional Lab with a la carte and collection pricing
Free gallery app


The Classic

Up to 2 hours
2 locations
Digital Gallery
Yearbook Image retouched and sized for yearbook
Access to Professional Lab with a la carte and collection pricing


The Basic

1 hour
1 location
Digital Gallery
Yearbook Image retouched and sized for yearbook
Access to Professional Lab with a la carte and collection pricing


*Prints, digital images, and retouching fees are additional.

**All session choices are priced to include a non-refundable retainer fee which must be paid in full to reserve your session time.


How do I book with you?

Simply fill out the contact form by clicking the "book a session" button below, and I will be in touch with you to discuss what you want from your senior session and then we will book a date that works!

What does your non-refundable retainer fee include?

Great question! My retainer fee session fee holds reserves your day and time for you. It also covers our consultation (either by phone or in person), your senior session, the behind the scenes culling/editing and uploading of your images to your personal gallery. It also covers retouching your single image choice for the yearbook.

What is not covered by the session fee?

Additional retouching requests, and print and digital products are not covered by the session fee. There is a separate fee for each retouched photo. The basic rate is $35.00 an image. However, if the retouching request is extensive, that rate will be more and an estimate will be given before any retouching is done. All retouching fees are due in advance.

What happens after the session?

As part of your session fee, I cull out any non usable images and apply very basic edits to every image involving light, color balance, and cropping. I narrow the gallery down to your top images (usually 25-40 images) Then I send you a link to your culled gallery so that you may choose the ones you want retouched. There is a fee for each retouched photo you choose.

Do you send my yearbook photo to my school?

Once you select your yearbook senior photo, I will retouch that image as part of your session fee. You will then have access to the image in the resolution your yearbook staff uses for print. You will need to forward that image to your yearbook coordinator and ensure that they confirm with you that they have received it. The client has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the photo has been received by the yearbook staff.

What should I wear?

Wear an outfit that flatters you and is clean and pressed. Bring all your clothing choices on a hanger so that they stay neat. The neater and tidier your clothing looks, the more polished you will look! Keep jewelry simple and complimentary to your outfit. Most of all, make sure your outfit expresses who you are!

Should I have my hair and makeup professionally done?

It is absolutely your choice. If you are not someone who wears a lot of makeup and you are worried about an overdone look, I have a makeup artist that does a stellar job at keeping makeup natural while enhancing your beauty. I would recommend treating yourself to a professional hair and makeup session. Makeup and hairstyling give you a polished look and it is nice to do something special on the day of your session. It really makes you feel even more confident and beautiful. Besides, how nice it is to pamper yourself before your senior session! I have recommendations for hair and makeup artists-Just ask! *Helpful Hint: Wear a button-up shirt to your hair and makeup appointment so you won't mess up the beautiful new look! If you do your own makeup: Avoid clumping mascara and spiking your lashes. Stay away from shimmery eye shadows and blushes. Matte, neutral shades work best.

What do we do if the weather is not cooperating on the day of my session?

Don't worry if it is cloudy or overcast. That can actually work in our favor. The cloud cover makes the light even and soft. I also have professional lighting that I bring along to make our own sunshine! If it is pouring down rain, or REALLY windy, then we will have to reschedule. I have a number of slots that I reserve specifically for rescheduling weather compromised shoots. So not to worry!

Do I have to order prints through you?

If you value quality, then you should absolutely order though my lab. The prices are reasonable and the quality is fabulous. The lab I use is in the Twin Cities and has been in business since the 1970's. I trust them completely. That being said, you may purchase your digital files and print anywhere you choose, however, I can't guarantee the print quality of the image when you go elsewhere to print.

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